Paid – Model Shoot For An International E-Commerce Site 2021
(Site Release and Business : USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand)

Camera : Selected Shots by client. Iphone(Nirja), Canon(Samarth). Filter : Black and White series. #NoMakeupChallenge. Shots by Hetal Joshi M & Nirja Setty (at The Grace Effects).

****Parents have requested to limit media exposure in performing arts activities as both kids pretty good in studies. They do it for fun :).

Special Thanks To Hetal Nagaraj | | Hetal Joshi M : We have our own website today because of all the beautiful background that we have created with her and under her guidance, one class at a time, one performance at a time with all the right people. All of these achievements are without missing out on our studies, school days, vacations fun times, friends-party and other activities. So many opportunties just by attending our classes on time with Ms. Hetal.

About us : The Settys and Our Bio.

Guru | Teacher | Guide | Mentor | Leadership : Hetal Nagaraj | Trainings : Hetal Nagaraj. Company : Grace And Grooves Group – G1

About : Nirja Setty : Nirja Setty (2005) | Samarth Setty : Samarth Setty (2007)

Facebook(Limited) : Nirja Setty | Samarth Setty

Twitter(Limited) :

Our Youtube in Progress (Limited) : The Settys

Artist & Model Training Under Reachh Mediaa Since 2013 :

Paid / Sponsored Events w/without Costume Sponsorships for Dances :

  • 1. Event 1 : Bharatanatyam : Bho Shamboo : Costume Supplier – Sponsorship (also copyright work with permissions over email for educational purposes only and never used to submit to competitions, ever.)
  • 2. Event 2 : Sarva Thala Mayam : Dance on Bollywood Song –
    • Fusion of 2 Bharatanatyam Styles on classical music composed artifically(layman language) – Danceathon 1 (Time sponsored by former owner of Kalasri Institute of Bharatanatyam)
  • 3. Event 3 : Bollywood : All Costumes Sponsored to Sell : Song 1, Song 2, Song 3 (0:37 to 0:50)
  • 4. Event 4 : Indian Folk Dances : Sponsored to Buy – Costume (0:00 to 0:15), (0:22 to 1:28)
  • 5. Event 5: Sponsored to Own : – Costumes (0:50 to 1:02)
  • 6. Event 6 : Upload In Process.

Bharatanatyam Arangetram of The Settys as listed below :

Nirja : Arangetram | Samarth : Arangetram :

  • Arangetram of all 8 major dance pieces of Bharatanatyam + Indian Folk Dances as seperate dance piece & Rabindra Nruthya dance piece as seperate dance piece. With/After full trainings.
  • Winners of all margam dance pieces by rules of Bharatanatyam dance competitions from Pushpanjali to Varnam for straight 11 years, by genre. With/After full trainings.
  • Arangetram : International Audience and Online : Approx 400 people attended their events.
  • Bharatanatyam Grads. | See it here.

Bollywood | Tollywood | Cinematic : Winners of Bollywood Dances by age group, grade & technique level for almost 10 years straight. At times, hattrick in one year. After/With full trainings. Bollywood Grads. | See it here.

Indian Folk Dances : Winners of more than half a dozen Folk Dances for Samarth and for Nirja; over a dozen Indian Folk Dances along with dance dramas, year by year, in Indian Folk Dance Competitions for straight 10 years. After/With full trainings. For some years, hattrick in all genres! Indian Folk Dance Grads. | See it here.

Fusion Dances : Winners of fusion dances for straight 6 years back to back. Level by level, grade by grade and with minimum 2 independent styles or dance forms used in choreography. Fully trained in all the dance forms or styles prior to competitions or fusion trainings. About G2 Dance Factory. | See it here.

Institutional Teaching Experience / Internships & Private Classes: Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood. See us – doing our internships and results.

International Awards & Nominations : Nirja Setty | Samarth Setty

Faith Religion Dances : Click Here.

Kalaripayattu : Upload In Process

Commercial Dances – Festival Dances – Community Dances : Upload In Process

Comtemporary : Upload In Process

Theater | Theatre | Acting | Drama with/without Dance : Upload In Process

Model Assignments :

  • Volunteer – Fundraiser : Upload In Process. Some listed here and here.
  • Paid Assignments : Upload In Process, and some as above (paid sponsorships).
  • Affiliate Advertising : Coming Soon.
  • Product Reviews – Coming Soon.
  • Educational : Coming Soon
  • Institutional : Coming Soon
  • Professional : Coming Soon
  • Commercial : Coming Soon

Fundraisers – Non-Profit Dance Assignments : Upload in Process, Some are listed here & here.

Institutitonal Workshop Experience / Internships : Bharatanatyam, Indian Folk Dances, Bollywood : Upload in Process.

Our Sponsored Events : It is our honor to sponsor these events with and without collab :

In our free time: We sleep alot, hug mommy and daddy a million times, help mommy & daddy with chores, food, shopping, read, play video games, play with our friends in our neighborhood, trips, watch movies with friends and family, socials, do sleepovers, go to malls, bbq & have fun !

****Parents have requested to limit advertising and media exposure in performing arts activities as both kids pretty good in studies.

We wish we have more like us, more time in a day or in week or in year to use all these beautiful opportunities. We wish that there are more teachers like Hetal Nagaraj who creates beautiful people like our elites without compromising on any fundamentals.

This section of the site is updated : April 14, 2022.

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